The Vertical Lift Storage Configurator

Here you can build your own vertical storage lift. Start by selecting which model you want by pressing one of the buttons below.

Compact Lift

Compact Lift - Weland Solutions

A traditional vertical storage lift which quickly and efficiently handles your goods. Compact Lift is as good for large volumes of smaller products as for space consuming and heavy products.

Compact Twin

Compact Twin - Weland Solutions

When time is the question, Compact Twin is the natural answer. By handling two trays in the same sequence with one tray waiting and one picking, the picking speed can be more than doubled.

Compact Double

Compact Double - Weland Solutions

With Compact Double, floor space is used even more efficiently. The vertical lift with double trays in depth means greater storage capacity per square meter of floor space, with preserved efficient handling.

Measurements, capacity, and amount.

Here you select which width, depth, and height the vertical lifts should have. You can also select how many you want.

Configure vertical lift opening

Choose the vertical lifts equipment

Fill your vertical lift with trays

Choose goods height and an amount of trays.

Not exact figures.


Congratulations! You have finished building your vertical lift installation. The grey rectangles between the lifts are so called pilasters which gives your installation a nice impression. If you want to change something about your configuration you can scroll upwards and go through the steps again. If you want to change the measurements of your vertical lifts you can click the button "Create a new offer request" on the bottom of the page.

Your contact information

Please enter your contact information and click "Send offer request". The system will automatically send you a confirmation email with a product specification for your wanted vertical storage lift. Did you not find what you were looking for? Contact us and we will help you.

Finish the previous steps to send an offer request.

Create a new offer request

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